TM 5-3895-377-13&P 4-101. COMBUSTION CHAMBER LINER REPLACEMENT. This task covers: a. Removal b. Cleaning/Inspection c. Installation INITIAL SETUP Tools and Special Tools Equipment Condition Tool Kit, General Mechanic’s: Automotive Wheels Chocked (page 2-17) Lifting Device Heater Cooled Power Source Disconnected (page 2-32) Personnel Required Fuel Lines Disconnected (page 2-33) Two Cable Reel Removed (page 4-154) Burner Cover Removed (page 4-295) Materials/Parts Burner Assembly Removed (page 4-223) Compound (item 7, appendix E) Washers (65) Lock Washers (65) Lock Washers (29) Insulation a. Removal. (1) Remove nine screws (1) from front tin (2). (2) With the aid of an assistant, remove twenty-nine screws (3), lock washers (4), and front tin (2) from Heater (5). 4-286


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