Quantcast Wire Splicing Using Butt Connectors

TM 5-3895-377-13&P 5-27.     GENERAL WIRING REPAIR (CONT). b.   Wire Splicing Using Butt Connectors. NOTE Whenever possible, use solder method of wire splicing.   Refer to section c.   of this paragraph. If repairing a broken wire, or a section of wire is being replaced, perform steps (1) through (4) only. (1) Remove damaged wire (1) section. (2) Remove insulation (2) from both ends of wire (1) equal to dimension A. (3) Install butt connector (3) over bare ends of wire (1) and crimp securely over both ends. (4) Inspect wire splice and be sure no bare wire is visible. (5) If a section of wire is to be replaced, install two butt connectors (3), one to each bare end of wire (1). (6) Crimp one end of both butt connectors (3) securely in place over wire (1). (7) Measure distance between the two open ends of butt connector (3). (8) Cut a section of new wire (4) 1 in.   (2.54 cm) longer than the distance measured in step (7). (9) Remove insulation (5) from both ends of new wire (4) equal to dimension A. (10)  Install bare ends of new wire (4) into butt connectors (3) and crimp securely into place. (11)  Inspect splice and be sure that no bare wire (1 or 4) is visible. 5-24


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